Bombardier Our Brewing Process

To create our distinctive taste, we combine British Best pale ale and crystal malts in the mash with Eagle Brewery’s very own borehole mineral water. The resultant ‘sweet wort’ is then boiled with UK Target hops to give the beer its bitter finish and subtle hop aroma.

The beer is then fermented with Eagle Ale yeast which gives it its alcohol, and carbon dioxide tingle, plus adds the finishing touch to the mild, fruity nose of our famous Bombardier brew.

Farm assured barley

We use farm assured 'Red Tractor' British barley. In malting the barley, we access the starch needed for brewing, and this influences the final beer in body, strength and flavour.

Natural mineral water

Our natural mineral water makes up 95% of the pint. We have our own source of accredited mineral water from our own well in Bedford, resulting in water so pure it could be bottled and sold, but so good we save it for our beer.

Hand selected hops

All hops are hand selected by one of our master brewers. They’re vital to the flavour, bitterness and aroma of any cask beer, and act as a natural preservative.

Unique Culture

Our unique culture helps to create an array of flavours and gives the beer its natural carbonation during fermentation. Only unique yeast cultures are used to produce our cask beer flavours.

Meet Chris, our head brewer

We thought we would ask Chris a few questions

How did you first get started in brewing? I'd just finished a degree in microbiology and went to my local pub, which had just reopened as a firkin microbrewery. To cut a long story short, they gave me a job!

Do you have a favourite ingredient to work with right now? I'm experimenting with a new brew using aromatic New Zealand hops.

What's your favourite style to brew and drink? At the moment I would say it is blood orange blanche or raspberry wheat.

What's your favourite part of working at the Eagle Brewery? It's great to be part of a team producing our amazing portfolio of beers. The absolute best bit is probably tasting a new beer that we've worked on and seeing it on the bar or supermarket shelf.

If you could sit down with anyone (living or dead) and have a beer, who would it be and why? Louis Pasteur, because he was the grandfather of brewing science.

What could the next Bombardier beer be to compliment the existing range? A pale ale perhaps, or a bold IPA?