Eagle Brewery Take a different view

The eagle has been associated with the town of Bedford for centuries, but you will notice there’s a difference in the way that Eagle Brewery represents its bird – it looks to the left. We believe this represents the company’s unique point of view. To this day, Eagle Brewery embraces different perspectives.

It means that while others may move cautiously, we soar fearlessly. Like the eagle that looks over our brewery, we take a different view.

Here at Eagle Brewery the most important thing is the beer! We believe in acquiring the best quality ingredients to make the best quality beer and we like to pass that information along so that anyone who drinks it knows exactly what went in to making it.

Take the tour

Visit the home of Bombardier on the Eagle Brewery Experience. The two hour tour includes:

  • 45 minute guided tour
  • Find out how we brew Bombardier, Eagle IPA and our flavoured ales
  • Learn how we pick and process the raw ingredients
  • Discover the story of The Eagle Brewery
  • Sample our range of bottled beers.

Gift shop

Exclusive Eagle merchandise can be found on site at our Eagle Brewery gift shop. Baseball caps, beanie hats, t-shirts and hoodies are all available as well as our range of beers and wines.

Where to find us


CALL US NOW: 01234 608284