British HoppedGolden Beer

Awaken your senses with zesty aromas; let the fresh crispness tingle your taste buds and enjoy a smooth, lasting finish. Brewed using the finest British Hops and fresh mineral water from the Eagle Brewery Well. A rich citrus fruits taste provides a dry, refreshing beer. Bombardier is a beer for those who embrace their independent spirit and march to their own drum.

Perfect with

  • Toad In The Hole
  • Tuna Nicoise
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Apple & Blackberry Crumble and Custard
  • Fish & Chips

Taste profile

  • STYLE: Golden
  • APPEARANCE: Golden
  • AROMA: Grapefruit/Zesty
  • TASTE: Dry/Refreshing
    • White Hop
    • White Hop
    • White Hop
    • Blue Hop
    • Blue Hop
  • SWEET:
    • White Sugar Cube
    • White Sugar Cube
    • Half Sugar Cube
    • Blue Sugar Cube
    • Blue Sugar Cube

Available in

CASK (ALC. 4.1% VOL)
Cooler, crisper and refreshingly English. Available from many bars and pubs permanently stocking cask.

BOTTLE, 500ml (ALC. 4.7% VOL)
This golden nectar is available from many of the major retailers.

CAN, 500ml (ALC. 4.3% VOL)
Awaken your senses and taste buds with this one of our lovely cans, our 4 packs of classic golden ale can be found in all of the major stockists and plenty of smaller ones as well.