'Bombardier' Billy WellsIn 1889, a legend was born

In the humble setting of Stepney, London, William Thomas Wells entered a world upon which he would truly leave his mark. In 1906, he joined the Royal Artillery and proved himself as a fine soldier. And an even finer boxer. In no time, he was promoted to Bombardier, and began to fight with the name 'Bombardier' Billy Wells.

Following his heart, his head and his hands, Billy bought himself out of the army to start a career as a professional boxer. He'd gone his own way, and with 41 wins in 52 bouts, he fought his way to the very top. 'Bombardier' Billy Wells - British Heavyweight Champion.

Adulation quickly followed Billy. But that didn't stop him. Upon retirement, he wrote two books on the art of boxing, and filled the role of gong man in the opening credits to all J Arther Rank films.

Bombardier Beer

In 1980, inspired by Billy, we gave birth to a legend of our own. A beer with unique character. A beer for people who don't give a damn about fads or fashion. We'd created a beer that pint by pint, drop by drop, stays true to itself. So we thought, who better to name it after than William Thomas Wells - The Bombardier.

And ever since, we've championed those that pound their own path.

Using 100% English ingredients, we celebrate those who follow their taste buds, not the crowd.

We're Bombardier, and we raise a glass to those who march to their own drum.

Eagle Brewery

The eagle has been associated with the town of Bedford for centuries, but you will notice there's a difference in the way the Eagle Brewery represents its bird, it looks to the left.

We believe this represents the company's unique point of view. To this day, Eagle Brewery embraces different perspectives. It means that while others may move cautiously, we soar fearlessly.

Like the eagle that looks over our brewery, we take a different view.